Another Update on GA state BMX news

Hullo Georgia BMX’ers,

All the delegates have returned from an interesting and very informative Competition Congress in Las Vegas this past weekend February 10-12th.  It is always great to be able to talk with other State Commissioners and track directors who have novel ideas to generate ridership at their state and local races.  Your track directors will be including some of these ideas at the local level.  The biggest push this year was growing your track at the local level and running the State Series as a national event. This will definitely be our theme for 2006 and we will be striving to have at least 40 riders go to the Presidents Cup and race for Georgia this year.

16 and over open wheels series.

We will be including a moneyed 16 and over open wheels State Series. Each track has agreed to contribute $100 to the Championship purse with State putting in $100, as well as obtaining a local sponsorship for the winner of each round of the series.  We hope to draw a larger pro pool this year.

Pitbike fun series at State Qualifiers.

For the  youngsters and the young at heart we will be running a PIT BIKE series at State level.  The age groups will be  9 and under, 10-14, and 15 and over.  The championship winners placing 1 through 3 will receive a special edition number plate for their pit bikes.  Please use your NBL number to run this event.  You will pointed each time as main event points and we will post results for you.  Start prepping your bikes!!!!

General Announcement.

Postcards announcing the series will be mailed out in May.  Remember we need your championship designs for the State racing jersey before July 1, 2006.  The winner of the design competition will receive a paid NBL membership.  I know we have a lot of design students out there, so get those creative juices flowing and lets see if your shirt can win the overall State versus State design competition held at the Presidents Cup!

Help a Charity and Go For a Bike Ride While You Do It

This post is not about the race statistic or race report, this about the charity ride that I joint previously. I have decided in the past few months that I would like to give something back to my community. However I never really considered combining charity work with doing something that I enjoyed, and I could also squeeze in a bit of exercise. I found a Bike Ride, that i didn’t know about, but I had heard more about recently, it had been running for years.

I found out that it had been growing in popularity and is quickly becoming a major event every year. The bike ride is run by the Lions club and the Round Table with many supporters including a local radio station called Bright FM on 106.4. The bike ride had been getting a lot of publicity over the past few months and last year over 750 cyclists took part.

This bike ride raises money for the St Peter and St James Hospice that take care of terminally ill patients. The Hospice delivers the treatment and support that the patients need. Even more surprising was that when I searched deeper into this Bike Ride I found that people all over states were attending it.

So I have signed myself up and look forward to taking part in the 40 mile route. You don’t have to do the long 40 miles either, there is a 20 and a 10, so you can take your kids as long as an adult rides with them. So have a work out and test your physical fitness by trying the 40 mile route at the Burgess Hill Bike Ride, while you do you can raise a bit of money for the hospice too.

For this ride I had to forget about the racing machine nor jump or trick to show, with my best entry level road bike that I bought few months ago.  I look forward to going on this cycle event and look forward to joining 100’s of more cyclists. So do some exercise and keep fit while you help out a charity that needs to raise 3600 dollars for everyday to keep running.

GA state BMX news

Hullo Georgia BMX’ers,

Racing at all our tracks is under way. We would like to give a big welcome to all our new riders into the BMX family.  Thank you to all the parents and volunteers that make race days happen at all our tracks.  We are starting the 8 week countdown to the first State Qualifier that will be at Peachtree City track June 3rd.  Mail outs with details will happen at the end of  April, and all necessary forms will be available at your local track or simply downloading them from our website.

We would like to announce that the position for State Treasurer is now open.  Tim Palmer has done a great job in preparing the budget and handling the finances, but due to heavy work commitments he will be stepping down.  Please contact Joshua by e-mail at [email protected] should you be interested in this position.  Candy Gore-Maret  has put her name forward for this position.  We have 30 days from today to accept further nominations.  Should there be more than one nomination voting will take place at the State Qualifier June 3rd, if not the position will be awarded to the sole candidate. We currently have $2092.90 in our bank account as of march 28th 2006.

We are looking for your design for the Georgia State jersey that will be awarded at the State Championship.  I know we have some design students out there!  The design will be 2 color print on a single color background.  Remember we need to stand out in a race and there will be over 1400 riders at the Presidents Cup in Ohio, so keep it simple, not busy, interesting  with a WOW factor.  Georgia State will renew your license for you as an incentive should your design win.

Welcome to our new track Speedway BMX. This track will be located in Griffin, owned and operated by Rob Potter.  Rob’s hotline extension is 103 where he will asking for volunteers to help on work days, and announcing any other race ready information.  We will keep you all updated with pictures and news as his track progresses.  Stay tuned to and    We do have several other tracks in the works in North Atlanta and I will keep you posted when I have definitive news on their progress.

Carolyn Grant will have the points out April 10th on our website for the Georgia State Series 2006.  Please check your points and if there is an error please fill out the protest form, available on line or at your track, and Carolyn and myself will investigate and respond to you.  Please understand that we must have this protest in writing and no verbal complaints about your points will be entertained.  We will respond within 10 days and a copy of your form with the correction if necessary will be mailed to you.  Race days are very hectic and we want to give your protest our full attention, so please respect our wishes and on receipt of your paperwork  know that Carolyn and I will handle it efficiently in a quiet environment! 10 days allows us to mail out the response to you.  Where possible we will e-mail the result of our inquiry.  Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this procedure.

Look forward to seeing you all racing, good luck to all our riders who  will be traveling this spring break and competing in Florida.

Yours in riding,

Joshua Sander


SQ 3 at Augusta on Sept 18th

Augusta is always hot and the hospitality is always great. Thank you to the Augusta BMX parents association for making it such a “cool” event. 102 riders came out to race, 4 teams entered rosters, and with spectators from the rugby matches going on too, the racing was exciting. Thank you to Augusta TV news who gave a spot on their local tv channel.

Expert racing was as hot as the weather! Home track advantage on the first corner was in play as Ty Robinson and Bryce Moon bumped handlebars, Ty played catch up and showed some skills in the 3rd corner to take home the perfects. Cody Dutton and Alex Palmer had some phenomenal fast straights with Cody making it 1st in the main for Potter Plates at the finish line. RJ and Vanden had some tight racing and RJ maintained his 1st place finish for Black Crown . Look for some close racing between Luke Doran and Cole Acord in the next couple of rounds. Still anyones’ race out there.

Our Challenger classes are growing fast, some will surely be expert after the Championships. Our 15 Challenger class of Jamie, Tyler and Christopher pulled out all the stops for some close racing but in the end Jamie held onto 1st place with Tyler and Christopher placing 2nd and 3rd.

Cruisers and more cruisers. Great to see so many braving the heat to race both bikes that day. The race of the day in the main was the 8 on a gate 40-44 Cruiser/45-49 cruiser. These gentlemen were in it to win it. Rob McAllister of Black Crown showed he still has it with a win over Tom Gonzalez ( racing both bikes) and Jon Sugden placing 3rd. The racing was tight from start to finish.

Rookies, my favorite class of the day because you never know what to expect. 4 year olds you rock. Parker and Jace and Keegan worked the 6 straight track to the finish line. Parker got his perfects. Our 5 year olds had fun with Cannon taking the lead from Mackenzie ( yes a girl) and 6 year olds saw Matthew perfecting his day.

Once again thank you to the Team Captains. Black Crown took the first place this time with Bizzarro, Chehaw , Potter Plates and PTCBMX following along. I know the kids all wore their team jersey with pride!!!


GA State Qualifier #3 Update

  GA State Qualifier #3 at Augusta on June 18th

              Augusta BMX               Augusta BMX website Pre-register for GA state series races here!
Practice and Registration  11 –  1pm
Race                                     2pm

Additional awards and prizes are being added to the 2011 series, for example: Win a 19″ flatscreen TV                                             

Ga State is pleased to announce our 2011 GA State Series.

  • You will need to have 8 local races to your credit by August 31st 2011.

  • You must have 3/5 State Qualifiers to qualify for the State Championship.

  • All State Qualifiers and the State Championship will run in a 2 moto transfer system with a main.

  • The new fees will be as follows. SQ pre: $20 post $20 SC pre: $30 post $30

  • Introduction of a Trophy Team as an incentive for small teams. Cost is $10 entry fee for trophy of the day. Maximum of 10 riders per team. You may not move up to the money team series during the season. All other team rules apply. State will keep track of your scores and placing.

  • Race all 5 qualifiers and the championship and you are in the draw for 1 of 2 flatscreen TVs  ====>

  State Qualifier 2011 GA State Series.
SQ 1 Albany             March 26th
SQ 2 Peachtree City  May 21st
SQ 3 Augusta           June 18th
SQ 4 McDonough      July 16th
SQ 5 Albany            September 10th
State Championship McDonough October 1st

Till next news, see you


Great Training Tips to Ease your Family into Biking Tours

To paraphrase a quote: the family that rides bike tours together stays together. Maybe that is not quite how the saying goes, but a family biking tour certainly can be a whole lot of fun. However, to get maximum enjoyment from a full family tour on the bikes, it is important to get in proper training. Here are a few training tips that can help the members of your family to fully enjoy your first biking tour together.

Image result for family cycling

The first thing all the members of your family need to remember is that you are not only training your lungs and legs, but also your entire body. You will be spending more time on a bicycle seat than you are used to, so everyone will need to be just as prepared in that aspect as in any other. Even the most in shape athletes will discover new types of soreness if not properly prepared for a bike tour. You’re not just training your legs and lungs – you’re also getting used to spending lots of time on a bicycle seat. Even if you’re in shape, hours of riding will make your body sore if you aren’t prepared.

If your family members have not done a lot of biking, then a good first step can be to get used to riding your bicycle in a touring situation. But before that you need to get an inexpensive good beginner road bike at the nearby bike shop, however for alternative you may visit this website which provide a wide range of bike.

Start with short, one hour, rides in areas where there is not a lot of traffic. Stay at a pace with which you are comfortable and just get used to the bike. This is also a good chance to see if there are adjustments your bike needs in terms of the handlebars or seat. When you get your family ready for a biking vacation, you can be certain that everyone will have a good time and when you take children, you know that you need to prepare everyone.

Image result for family cycling

Next, you should lengthen the rides. Ride for a little more than an hour and take to hills in the area. This will give you a chance to get used to shifting the gears and seeing how to handle those hills. Check to see how far you are able to make it in an hour so that you can really plan out the family tour.

Continue to lengthen your daily rides may be this time with the mountain bike and continue to experience hills and other terrain you may encounter on your tour. When you increase both your distance and time on the bike, you are going to be able to enjoy a longer and more relaxed bike tour as a family. Each week, you should increase your distances and your times so that you can ride around 40 miles in less than four hours.

Image result for family cycling

Once you can do that, you should start to add weight. After all, you are going to have to carry supplies. Put bags on the bike and try riding again. This will allow you to experience carrying weight. You may even want to take one half day ride as a family to a picnic or something to see how you do on a one day experience.

Once you are in shape as a family and have an idea of what you can do on a daily basis, it is time to plan your trip. Plan a tour that all can handle and that all will enjoy. Before you know it, you will be the bicycle tour family that is laughing and staying healthy together. All you have to do is know how to prepare and how to plan. You can be sure that a biking vacation with the entire family is something that everyone will love and will remember for a very long time to come.

SQ 1 at Albany on March 26th

  Report back on SQ 1 at Albany on March 26th

We certainly danced with the weather gods on this Saturday afternoon. It started out warm, balmy, humid and sunny, then alternated between rain, storms, sunshine and dark skies! The good news is that we accomplished the impossible and completed 32 motos and 31 mains before the hail hit. Thank you to all the volunteers and Tommy and Lisa for having everything in order so the race ran smoothly.

This was definitely home advantage for the Albany riders as Cole Acord swept home the wins for Team Chehaw in the 12 expert class, the Daw family dominated in their class with Toby, Tyler and Kailee finishing first for team Chehaw. It was exciting racing between Sam Walters from Marietta and Hunter Janes , one year younger, from Leesburg. These pocket rockets duked it out in the straights , their legs peddling everything they could , dived into corners, and even the last straight gave it their all with Sam taking home the win, but Hunter close behind. We need to watch these two in the next qualifiers. Always a joy to watch the older experts race the track and RJ Livesay, Nathan Grant, Ty Robinson, Nic Connelly all got firsts fro their team Factory Black Crown.

The Arise of New Talent

Challenger Class is seeing some new talent. Christopher Mitchell racing for Bizzarro performed well, Toby Daw and Kyle Hitlon went back and forth all day with the wins. Eli Turner set the tone for some super fast 7 challenger racing.

Cruisers and the girls classes are growing very nicely. Congratulations to Alexis Willis on her perfects, Cheyenne Grant on her wins and loved seeing the Beynon family back supporting our State series. Welcome to new new rookie girls who made their debut, watch out guys for Audrey Sugden and Emma Padovano.

Talking about Rookies, the wins for 6 year old rookie class were precious, well done Matthew Land. Our only 4/u rookie Parker Smith kept up with big boys all day. Austin Johnson raced hard for his firsts and Devin Harris and Cameron Potter competed fiercely for first place honors going to Devin. I believe we will have some strong competition moving forward here.

Cruiser men are still having fun out there. Rob McAllister took home perfects, Anthony and Mike show you are never too old to be competitive, Victor Palmeri enjoyed his wins going for number #1 plate.

Thank you to all the team managers who brought their teams to this race. Ga State has added an additional $200 to each State Qualifier and $1000 to the State Championship final results. Everywhere I looked there was a team rider. This is how it all ended, but the score does not truly indicate how tough it was out there.

Black Crown
Chehaw Parks
Potter Plates
Peachtree City BMX

Lots of tie breakers in there too. Looking forward to a rematch for State Qualifier #2 at Peachtree City BMX May 21st. See you there.

 From SQ1 at Albany


Albany State Qualifier #2

Next SQ at Albany: Are you ready?  The second State Qualifier will be on July 22nd, practice and registration 12noon to 2pm and racing starts promptly at 3pm.  You can pre-register at any of your local tracks, print a copy of the pre-registration form and follow mailing instructions, or simply race and register on raceday. State meeting at 2:30pm (state business)

State points feedback:  Thank you for all your feedback on the points that we posted.  Points posted on June 1st.  Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us your queries at [email protected] or simple call me, Joshua Sander 580-309-3599.  Remember your points will be under the age you will be on or before the State Championship September 23rd 2006.  Points protest forms are available on line on our website and this must accompany any points protests you have.  Carolyn and I will investigate and return the copy of your protest with the correction or explanation within 10 days.  Thank you for following this protocol.

We would like to welcome Candy Gore-Maret to the Georgia State BMX team.  Candy will be the new State Treasurer for 2006.

Thank you for supporting your local tracks and Georgia BMX.  Carolyn, Candy and myself look forward to seeing you at the State Series.  As always we are available for any questions you may have regarding BMX racing on a State, local or National Level.

Keep pedaling,

Johua Sander


Report back from President’s Cup in Ohio

  The Event Was Held in Ohio






Wow! This will be short and sweet. A small but mighty GA State Team arrived in Columbus Ohio to race against our competition on December 27th. It turned out to be a very long 270 motos, run 3 times, with 1/8s, 1/4s, 1/2s and then the mains. The only scores that counted were those in the main and boy oh boy did our Ga riders pull through for us. When all was said and done GA came out in 4th place with a $1300 check. As per our agreement this money will be wisely spent on the riders who participated in the event. Ms Shayne loves to shop for you ‘all.

Special thanks to Carolyn Grant and Carol McCard who assisted me in putting in the final results. They were my eyes and ears as I was working all week.

Thank you to all the parents who took photographs too. (Please send them in if you want them posted here)

Photo credit: Mark Mascara,

Team Members 2010

Arthur Gore
Alan Farmer
Blaine Farmer
Blake Farmer
Dagen Campbell
Gavin Campbell
Nic Connelly
Caleb Lovelady
Ty Robinson
Anthony Robinson
Shayne Robinson
Nic McCard
Cheyenne Grant
Nathan Grant
Kris Watkins
Jamie Nicholson
Preston Evans
RJ Livesay
Rob McAllister
Matthew Gates
Austin Gates
Bailey Smith
Scout Ball
Marcus Mascara
Josh Milton
Logan Pate
Tyler Daw
Toby Daw
Kailee Daw
Corey Knight
Cole Acord
Anthony Wade
Andrew Smith
Larry Johnson
Austin Hutson
Mason Rose
Jackson Mayer
McKenzie Mayer
Brandon Brown.

WELL DONE and a special thank you to your parents and family for all their support!

  Report back on State Champs at Augusta on October 2nd

A Big thank you to all the Augusta BMX volunteers for putting together a great event. Your hospitality was very welcome by all our Georgia riders and their parents. The weather was just beautiful for a 123 rider turnout and 12 riders participating the open classes. Thank you to all.

The results speak for themselves. There were some truly close racing calls in the 17-18 expert class, with Brandon Brown taking home the title. This group of young men have raced each other for about 8 years now and it is great to see the friendship off the track still endures but the competitiveness on the track is all business. Van and RJ put on some exciting racing with RJ taking home the win for the day. Nick Connelly kept up his winning streek for both cruiser and class 12 expert, Ty kept his 16 expert title for this year with Cody Dutton, having just moved up to Novice, racing extremely well on the day. Look out for these riders in the 17-18 expert class next year!

Congrats too Waymon Post on his win for 41 novice class and Matthew Gates for 35-40 novice. Jon Sugden bit the dust in the 3rd straight, but kept his sense of humor and rode on into the “sunset”.

Our girls delivered some exciting racing, but I have to give dad Matt Beynon the award for the loudest cheerleader of the day! His daughters placed first and second, took care of business and we wish all the Beynon family well in their move to Colorado. We are truly going to miss your faces here in GA BMX.

The rookies, well all I can say is we are going to be welcoming a lot of you to the novice class . Alden Parker dominated 9 rookie, Zachary changed the color of his shoes but still had the same strong finishes all day. ( we miss the green shoes Zack) Hunter Janes got his perfects and the title for the 5/u rookies class. Ezra Sweatman redeemed himself this day, stayed upright all 3 times and went home a winner.

Cruiser class is always the most talked about class for the 40-44 class at the Nationals and our local scene is no different. Rob McAllister took home the win but all the “boys” Daniel, Thomas, Bart and Robert were right there behind him.

TEAM racing. Our biggest thanx go out to the team managers of all the Teams this year. Thank you for bringing the riders to the races, thank you for tirelessly working at every single State Qualifier and thank you for your support. The final series came down to the top 3 teams and a very close final finish. Black Crown Bizzarro took home the honors with Fast Back in 2nd place and Team Chehaw in 3rd. With bigger cash prizes planned for next year, look out for some exciting new entries into the team series for 2011

Well, ladies and gentlemen, look forward to seeing a lot of you at the Presidents Cup in Columbus Ohio over Xmas. Look out for your jersey to be sent to your local track in November.

See you all next year.

Yours in riding,


2010 NBL Grand National Championship in Louisville, KY

Georgia riders can be proud of their performance at this years National Championship race. Most of our riders made their finals and came home with a trophy. Thanks, Michelle.

GA riders rock!

GA rider features in local newspaper:

Featured rider:   David Capell (50+ Cruiser)

David recently had his BMX and prostate cancer article published in the newspaper.

State Award: Shayne Robinson, our 2006 State Commissioner 
was awarded 2006 GRPA Volunteer of the year! The PTC Recreation Department nominated her for her work with the various sports organizations in Fayette County. GRPA President Jimmy Gisi presented the award. Parks and Recreation Officials from all over Georgia are now aware of BMX racing. Hopefully this will result in more tracks being built in Georgia!

Congratulations, Shayne.