Report back from President’s Cup in Ohio

  The Event Was Held in Ohio






Wow! This will be short and sweet. A small but mighty GA State Team arrived in Columbus Ohio to race against our competition on December 27th. It turned out to be a very long 270 motos, run 3 times, with 1/8s, 1/4s, 1/2s and then the mains. The only scores that counted were those in the main and boy oh boy did our Ga riders pull through for us. When all was said and done GA came out in 4th place with a $1300 check. As per our agreement this money will be wisely spent on the riders who participated in the event. Ms Shayne loves to shop for you ‘all.

Special thanks to Carolyn Grant and Carol McCard who assisted me in putting in the final results. They were my eyes and ears as I was working all week.

Thank you to all the parents who took photographs too. (Please send them in if you want them posted here)

Photo credit: Mark Mascara,

Team Members 2010

Arthur Gore
Alan Farmer
Blaine Farmer
Blake Farmer
Dagen Campbell
Gavin Campbell
Nic Connelly
Caleb Lovelady
Ty Robinson
Anthony Robinson
Shayne Robinson
Nic McCard
Cheyenne Grant
Nathan Grant
Kris Watkins
Jamie Nicholson
Preston Evans
RJ Livesay
Rob McAllister
Matthew Gates
Austin Gates
Bailey Smith
Scout Ball
Marcus Mascara
Josh Milton
Logan Pate
Tyler Daw
Toby Daw
Kailee Daw
Corey Knight
Cole Acord
Anthony Wade
Andrew Smith
Larry Johnson
Austin Hutson
Mason Rose
Jackson Mayer
McKenzie Mayer
Brandon Brown.

WELL DONE and a special thank you to your parents and family for all their support!

  Report back on State Champs at Augusta on October 2nd

A Big thank you to all the Augusta BMX volunteers for putting together a great event. Your hospitality was very welcome by all our Georgia riders and their parents. The weather was just beautiful for a 123 rider turnout and 12 riders participating the open classes. Thank you to all.

The results speak for themselves. There were some truly close racing calls in the 17-18 expert class, with Brandon Brown taking home the title. This group of young men have raced each other for about 8 years now and it is great to see the friendship off the track still endures but the competitiveness on the track is all business. Van and RJ put on some exciting racing with RJ taking home the win for the day. Nick Connelly kept up his winning streek for both cruiser and class 12 expert, Ty kept his 16 expert title for this year with Cody Dutton, having just moved up to Novice, racing extremely well on the day. Look out for these riders in the 17-18 expert class next year!

Congrats too Waymon Post on his win for 41 novice class and Matthew Gates for 35-40 novice. Jon Sugden bit the dust in the 3rd straight, but kept his sense of humor and rode on into the “sunset”.

Our girls delivered some exciting racing, but I have to give dad Matt Beynon the award for the loudest cheerleader of the day! His daughters placed first and second, took care of business and we wish all the Beynon family well in their move to Colorado. We are truly going to miss your faces here in GA BMX.

The rookies, well all I can say is we are going to be welcoming a lot of you to the novice class . Alden Parker dominated 9 rookie, Zachary changed the color of his shoes but still had the same strong finishes all day. ( we miss the green shoes Zack) Hunter Janes got his perfects and the title for the 5/u rookies class. Ezra Sweatman redeemed himself this day, stayed upright all 3 times and went home a winner.

Cruiser class is always the most talked about class for the 40-44 class at the Nationals and our local scene is no different. Rob McAllister took home the win but all the “boys” Daniel, Thomas, Bart and Robert were right there behind him.

TEAM racing. Our biggest thanx go out to the team managers of all the Teams this year. Thank you for bringing the riders to the races, thank you for tirelessly working at every single State Qualifier and thank you for your support. The final series came down to the top 3 teams and a very close final finish. Black Crown Bizzarro took home the honors with Fast Back in 2nd place and Team Chehaw in 3rd. With bigger cash prizes planned for next year, look out for some exciting new entries into the team series for 2011

Well, ladies and gentlemen, look forward to seeing a lot of you at the Presidents Cup in Columbus Ohio over Xmas. Look out for your jersey to be sent to your local track in November.

See you all next year.

Yours in riding,


2010 NBL Grand National Championship in Louisville, KY

Georgia riders can be proud of their performance at this years National Championship race. Most of our riders made their finals and came home with a trophy. Thanks, Michelle.

GA riders rock!

GA rider features in local newspaper:

Featured rider:   David Capell (50+ Cruiser)

David recently had his BMX and prostate cancer article published in the newspaper.

State Award: Shayne Robinson, our 2006 State Commissioner 
was awarded 2006 GRPA Volunteer of the year! The PTC Recreation Department nominated her for her work with the various sports organizations in Fayette County. GRPA President Jimmy Gisi presented the award. Parks and Recreation Officials from all over Georgia are now aware of BMX racing. Hopefully this will result in more tracks being built in Georgia!

Congratulations, Shayne.